Tshering Denkar (Denkars Getaway) Band Ambassador

Band Ambassador Of Kheyrig Druk Education Consultancy & Placement Firm

Tshering Denkar, Popularly known as Denkars Getaway, is the first Bhutanese travel blogger and vlogger. She is one of the content creator from Bhutan with massive fan following on social media pages.

Denkar holds a masters in Tourism Management from Thailand. She has contributed to promoting domestic tourism and setting trekking trend in Bhutan. Apart from promoting travel destinations, unique customs and traditions and sharing fantastic travel stories, she is a social worker, nature enthusiast, environmentalist and now a published author of bestselling travel book ‘The Tourist Within’.

She is also a passionate climate advocate . During her numerous treks to Bhutans pristine and unexplored mountains , Denkar got to see and understand firsthand impacts of global warming on lives and livelihoods of vulnerable mountain communities.

She has produced and directed serval documentaries featuring climate stories which was screened during COP 27 in Egypt. She actively collaborates in creating awareness and advocacy on climate education with various agencies, NGOS & CSOs.

Recently she has competed travel series with Hollywood actor Will Smith for NatGeo and Disney plus.

She is also an active youth ambassador with massive social media followers on her social media platforms. She has previous record for representing education consultancy.

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